Clifton Enterprises Gains Time for Business

For nearly 40 years Clifton Enterprises 1999 Ltd have been using Datacom’s outsourcing payroll service, making them one of many customers that have been with us since the very beginning.

Clifton Enterprises chose to use Datacom’s EasiPay Payroll Service as it reduced the amount of time being stuck in the back office and got the owners back on the shop floor to continue business.

All they need to do is fax or email their staff’s timesheets to us and we will take care of all calculations, pay their staff and then pass on PAYE, KiwiSaver deductions and related forms to IRD. They are then provided with a standard set of reports providing them with information about their business and payroll.

This automotive company have reclaimed the time spent sorting out payroll and can now focus on providing local residents and businesses with servicing and mechanical repair services which helps the community keep on moving.


“We know we can count on a quick, friendly response every time. EasiPay takes the hassle out of processing our payroll and knowing our PAYE is always taken care of, with no IRD penalties, is great too. We are very impressed with the service Datacom PaySystems provided all these years and consider it great value. Thanks guys.”

Belle Vesly