Discoveries Educare

Discoveries Educare was established in 2009 by Rippan Sandhu, a qualified teacher and dedicated mother of two herself. Her experience in Montessori Education and New Zealand Early Childcare practice has led to the creation of Discoveries Educare, enabling her to put her passion into practice.

Discoveries Educare programme syllabus is in line with the principles of the Government’s Early Childhood Curriculum. Their philosophy is to provide a secure, caring and nurturing environment so children have the opportunity to grow with a serene and cheerful mind. Nothing is more important to a child’s development than time.
Over the years, her vision has expanded to 9 centres and a home based childcare service with over 80 staff. Today, Discoveries Educare has the capacity to cater to the needs of almost 300 children.
At Datacom, we understand that time is a precious and scarce commodity. We know that it is typical in small organisations to be managed and operated by the owner with little specialist help.
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Rippan Sandhu (Owner, Discoveries Educare)