Stevenson Mining payroll improvements benefit staff relations

Mining and construction is a tough business and Stevenson Mining and its union had been going through a challenging period as it struggled with Rotowaro’s complex payroll.

Adding difficulty, the payroll featured a variety of allowances, staff on rotating rosters and a nine-day work week. A heavily unionised site, staff were quick to let the company know any discrepancies in the payroll. Things had to change.

Identified was a need to improve all data capture methods, while improving onsite reporting processes. To resolve these issues, Stevenson Mining outsourced payroll to Datacom.

Our solution, integrated with IDT’s time and attendance software, streamlined the payroll processing. This in turn allowed for automatically generated filtered reports to multi-site administrators.

The new system has also decreased liability associated with wages and leave, as time and attendance data is now accurately captured. It improved exception and warnings reporting, highlighting the inaccuracies around recording of overtime and higher duty allowances.

Within six months of Stevenson Mining outsourcing, all eight of Stevenson Group’s businesses were using Datacom. Today, with the enhanced clarity and a renewed confidence in the system there is tighter control and effective management of payroll costs at the company.


  • Consolidation of eight Stevenson companies onto one payroll product.


“Outsourcing our payrolls to Datacom has allowed the company to focus on its core business instead of worrying about the administrative by-product of having an in-house payroll. Datacom has been a great partner to work with during both the implementation phase and the ongoing weekly, fortnightly and monthly processing of payroll.”

Geoff White - Group HR Manager Stevenson Mining