Treating with Care

Canopy Cancer Care Ltd is a private oncology and haematology clinic specialising in the treatment of cancers in adults. They provide clinical and support services designed with patient care at the core of their philosophy. Based in the suburb of Epsom in Auckland, Canopy Cancer Care has a team of over 40 members ranging from doctors, nurses and administrative staff.

Canopy Cancer Care had been handling their payroll processes internally but in 2013 made a conscious business decision to outsource their payroll to Datacom. The implementation of EasiPay as their payroll solution means that they can now fully utilise their resources to providing a high level of quality care ensuring that their patients have the best outcome possible.

We had a ‘Sit-Down’ with Business Manager Ashley Furlong to find out what she thought about our payroll bureau service, EasiPay:

1.What were the key features that made you choose EasiPay and EasiESS?

The level of service, simple set-up and the reduction of time taken by someone internally processing payroll each week aided the decision of going with EasiPay, which was the preferred choice.

2.During the implementation process did the implementation consultant understand your business needs?

During the process we were not always on the same page as the person we dealt with at Datacom, however after we started to use EasiPay, our problems were solved.  We did however come across an error where our employees were not set-up in the way we meant for them to be in regards to PAYE, but our contact at Datacom picked up on this and together we worked through the issue and it is now set-up to our satisfaction.

3.How did you find the support of Datacom Payroll during the implementation phase and Go-LIVE?  

The initial set-up was satisfactory.  Our employees found the transition went very well.

4.When you first started to use the EasiESS, how easy did you find the product?  

We first started using the system at the beginning of the tax year:  April 2013.  After a few weeks of use, it became very familiar and easier to use.

5.How do you find the EasiESS now?

Now, the product is very suitable and logical. 

6.Is there further support available for you for any questions or queries?

When we come across any issues or have questions we ask Coco who is fantastic and really goes out of her way to help.


The quality of the support is top class. We very much appreciate all the work Datacom Payroll does with Canopy.

Ashley Furlong - Business Manager