Client Testimonial – Q & A with Eagle Airways

Eagle Airways is a wholly owned subsidiary of Air New Zealand and operates on the ANZ domestic route network. Since its inception in 1969, Eagle Airways has grown from a single aircraft flight training school into a regional airline.

Today, Eagle Airways provides public air transport and connects thousands of people to 21 destinations across New Zealand more often than anyone else. Operating over 130 flights per day, the Company employs over 240 staff.

We had a “One on One” with Martyn Vincent to find out what he thought about our enterprise payroll system, DataPay:

1.         What do you feel are the most positive points about the DataPay Payroll System and our Service?

We found that all the statutory legal and taxation requirements are complied with and it is in accordance with all legislation requirements and changes. It is all administered in a timely manner which we do not have to worry about now.  And as a customer we are kept up-to-date with any changes through direct communication.

2.         Is there anything you feel makes DataPay stand out from your previous payroll providers for Eagle Air?

With DataPay, it has the facility to customise all data on file with the various types of contracts we have within our organisation.

3.         Do you feel there is a benefit to using DataPay as opposed to another provider?

Datacom Payroll has a relatively simple process for running a payroll, especially for a complex payroll and variety of contracts we have.

Attributes of the DataPay System:

(a)       Customer support available at any time

(b)       Access to website and online processing

(c)       Regular software updating by Datacom to enhance the system.

(d)       On line facility for employees – DataPay ESS


“Since Eagle Airways Ltd went onto DataPay and DataESS, our staff are not asking our payroll team to confirm their Annual Salary for their bank loan applications etc. because this is available on-line. Our employees are now able to enter timeframes and get their customised information when they want.”

Martyn Vincent - Finance Manager