You Can Bank on Us

Banks are just like any other businesses. They are private, for-profit businesses that provide a place to safely store your money. They offer a variety of assistance to the public and businesses - in the form of loans, certificates of deposit and other financial services.

The Co-operative Bank is different from other banks—because it is owned by their customers and is the only bank in New Zealand to share its profits with their customers. The Co-operative Bank was established in 1928 to help people who were not being looked after by the big banks of the day. They became a registered bank in 2011.

The Co-operative Bank has been a loyal client of Datacom PaySystems for over 15 years. Today, The Co-operative Bank has 34 branches throughout the country with around 300 staff and 130,000 customers from all over New Zealand.

The Co-operative Bank uses our Enterprise Payroll Suite – DataPay, DataESS and DataHR to manage their entire payroll and HR operation. With Microsoft as the base technology, DataPay gives the team the advantage to create an unlimited number of specialised payment scenarios and flexible work patterns to ease the workload for their HR and Payroll Department. DataESS, a complementary add-on to DataPay, has put an end to many manual processes. With 24/7 electronic access, the Bank has empowered their employees to update their personal details, view their live payroll information and check leave balances, leave history and leave applications - with zero paperwork. 


“It’s very easy to use as its features are similar to Microsoft products. The transactions are processed very logically and systematically. Maximum credit goes to the staff on the HelpDesk. They are very professional with their approach in helping me resolve issues or questions that I have at every step of the way. They make me feel at ease even when asking the simplest question time and again. I especially want to mention Erryn and Jolie. They are both very knowledgeable and technically skilful at what they do. Being helpful and patient is also one of their key strengths”

James Tan